Business Catering & Lunches

One effective strategy to boost your employee's experience is implementing a bespoke meal program

A well-fed employee is a happy employee. Happy employees tend to be more enthusiastic and remain engaged. It’s also an opportunity to gather together and bond, fostering communication and collaboration.

Employers and employees expect their corporate food service experience to exceed the traditional model of a cafeteria food service.

Lucey's Catering & Lunches

Our online platform designed in mallow and all food made in mallow allows us to keep pricing affordable and quality extremely high.

Luceys 1880 has pioneered the evolution of  food services for workplaces, including full-service offering cafes that feature hand-crafted, innovative online platform  and bespoke healthy menus; coffee bars; office refreshment services; cashless micro markets; executive dining; on-site and special event catering.

We offer exclusive platform for your business with full training and support for our design team lead approach.

  • Bespoke menus
  • Weekly or Monthly credit account
  • Daily reporting in unique account
  • Free delivery to your location

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