Lucey's 1880 Catering To Go: Innovating with Tradition

Lucey's 1880 introduces a revolutionary Catering To Go Service designed to simplify event planning. With this innovative offering, customers can order high-quality, pre-cooked meals for their parties or events, ensuring convenience and flexibility.

Lucey's Good Food Butchers...

Lucey's Family Tradition

The Lucey family tradition began in 1860 in Bandon, West Cork. Spanning five generations, the Lucey Butchers have diversified their offerings to include fish, wine, deli, and catering services.

This deep-rooted history is a source of immense pride for the current generation, who remain committed to upholding the traditional values and quality that have defined their family business.

Luceys Butchers proudly sources its produce from local farms. With over a century of tradition, they ensure top-quality meats. Commitment to the community and sustainability is their hallmark. By supporting local agriculture, they guarantee fresh, flavourful products.

Starters to Dinners to Desserts

Honest, Real Good Food

At Lucey’s Good Food Butchers in Mallow, quality and authenticity are paramount. Every item is crafted from basic ingredients, ensuring transparency and integrity in what’s served. The on-site bakery at 57 Main Street Mallow starts at 5 a.m. daily, producing fresh scones, brown soda bread, white yeast loaves, and a variety of buns and tarts. All baking is done from scratch, avoiding mass-produced mixes, and every cake is made to order.

The culinary team at Lucey’s is composed of highly trained and experienced chefs who create a wide range of delicious, flavoursome dishes. From soups and starters to dinners and desserts, every item is made with locally sourced ingredients when possible, reflecting the farm-to-table ethos of the business. Salads are made with high-quality, natural products, offering a taste that stands out.

Lucey's commitment to quality extends to their meat and fish selections. They source grass-fed beef and lamb, with prime cuts dry-aged for up to 28 days to enhance flavor and tenderness. Luceys use local sourced from free range pork, while chicken comes from reputable farms in County Cavan and County Mayo.

Premium fresh fish is sourced daily from Dunmore East and Castletownbere.

Welcome to the Wine Cellar

Lucey's Wine Selection

Lucey’s offers a diverse wine selection. Whether you need wine to complement beef, lamb, pork, chicken, or fish, or simply to enjoy on its own, Ian Lucey provides friendly and honest advice to help you find the perfect choice.

In 2002, Ian Lucey, after completing a degree in food business from University College Cork, took over the family business. He has continued to develop and improve the enterprise, honoring past traditions while embracing future opportunities. The birth of his sons John, Tom, and Patrick marks the sixth generation of the Lucey family, ensuring that the legacy continues.

New Catering Innovation:
Lucey's 1880 Catering To-Go

Lucey's 1880 introduces a convenient Catering To Go Service designed to simplify event planning. This service offers pre-cooked meals that can be collected cold, allowing for easy storage and flexible serving options.

Key Features:

Cooked and Collect Cold:

  • Pre-Cooked Meals: All dishes are prepared and cooked in advance.
  • Collection: Meals are provided cold, allowing for easy transport and storage.

Flexible Storage Options:

  • Refrigeration: Meals can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days, maintaining freshness and flavor.
  • Freezing: Alternatively, meals can be frozen for longer-term storage, ensuring you have delicious options ready for future events.

Convenient Heating:

  • Easy Reheat: Instructions are provided for reheating, ensuring meals are served hot and ready to enjoy.
  • Quality Retention: Designed to maintain taste and texture even after reheating.


Stress-Free Event Planning:

  • Simplifies Organisation: By handling the cooking in advance, Lucey’s 1880 takes the stress out of meal preparation for any event.
  • Time-Saving: Focus on other aspects of your event, knowing that the catering is sorted.

Online Ordering:

  • User-Friendly Platform: Easily browse the menu, select your dishes, and arrange pickup times that fit your schedule.
  • Customizable Orders: Tailor your order to meet the specific needs of your event, with options for different dietary requirements.

Click and Collect:

  • Scheduled Pickup: Choose a date and time for pickup that is convenient for you, ensuring fresh and timely collection.
  • No-Hassle Experience: Quick and efficient pickup process, minimizing wait times.

How It Works:

Visit the Website:

  • Browse the full menu of available dishes, including appetizers, mains, sides, and desserts.

Place Your Order:

  • Select the items you want, specify quantities, and customize options as needed.
  • Schedule your preferred pickup date and time.

Collect Your Order:

  • Pick up your cold, pre-cooked meals at the designated time.
  • Follow the provided instructions to heat and serve when ready.

Enjoy Your Event:

  • Relish the convenience and deliciousness of professionally prepared meals without the hassle of cooking.

Lucey's 1880 Catering To-Go redefines event catering by offering a convenient, flexible, and stress-free solution for any occasion. With high-quality, pre-cooked meals that can be stored, reheated, or frozen, event planning becomes a breeze. The user-friendly online platform ensures you can easily organize your catering needs, click, and collect at your convenience

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